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Been There, Done That!

"Jean Glasel has proven to be an efficient but also very genial tour leader who finds excellent accommodations, steers us to the best ideas and values in local shopping, and always provides several absolutely superb dining experiences. Jean brings along one of her art experts to guide us through the best of art and architecture. Sharing a sophisticated travel experience in a small congenial group is what we seek, and Adventures, Inc. continues to deliver this for us with high quality and true dollar value. We look forward to our next Adventure."

—Tom & Jini Horan: Comments after a trip to Venice. Frequent Adventures from 1992 to present.


"...our White Nights trip was, for Fran and me, a wonderful, astounding and inspiring trip. I guess we thought and knew it would be great. It sounds perhaps ungrateful but we have come to expect great experiences (Adventures) with you, but I think this topped all others. As wonderful as all the places and days were, we continue to be amazed at your industry, judgment, knowledge, sense of timing and good choices."

—Fran & Tommy Thompson: Comments after trip to Stockholm and St. Petersburg in 1997. Frequent Adventurers from 1993 to present.


"Not being an art history major, I found the pre-visit lectures and the on-the-spot huddles, very educational…there was a lot to cover because Sicily has been a hub for all the surges of history: Greek, Roman, Moorish and the architecture reflects them all. Our hotels, restaurants and excursions were all first rate as usual."

—Nic Miller: Comments on Sicily. Frequent Adventurer for more than ten years.


"Botswana in 1988 was my trip of a lifetime. Jean offered a rare opportunity and I grabbed it. In 1991 I couldn't pass by another unique trip: Eastern Europe shortly after the end of the cold war. Yet the "jewels' in the crown were two trips to Italy that I took: Sicily in 1994 and Florence & Rome in 1995. Jean kept us comfortable with wonderful accommodations and food and our art historian, Anita Ferrante, brilliantly focused us on Italian art, history and architecture. We loved it and her."

—Joan Brown: Frequent Traveler Since 1988.


"A Fantastic Experience! Jean's knowledge of how and where to travel, her attention to details, the selection of gourmet restaurants accompanied by the finest wines, make for a rewarding trip. The combination of new and exciting activities coupled with meeting interesting people create memories that last a lifetime. We highly recommend Adventures, Inc. for you."

—Bruce K. Anderson, Lois R. Presutti.

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